Always Be in Money Making Mode!

Every day you should be doing something to make money. Making money can become a habit, just like not making money. It is important that you cultivate and develop the money-making mindset.

If you have an email list send them valuable and information information on a regular basis. If you are creating content to get links back to your website, create it every day. Do something – an article, a press release, a video, a blog post or comment. Do it every day.

Do something every day to bring in money. Get obsessed and addicted to making money. Put your focus on making money, not TV and other non money making time wasters. Making money absolutely must become your new lifestyle.

If you truly want to be successful and make your living online it is time to sacrifice your normal time that’s dedicated to other things, and shift that time and focus to creating cash flow.

Start with where you are right now, start with the knowledge you have right now. Start with the resources and assets you have right now. Don’t wait until you know it all because you never will!

Your income is going to come from how much product/service you sell. You have to change your focus and how you use your time.

Full time marketers (or those who want to be full time marketers) focus their time and attention on “making money”… they focus on selling stuff. It’s not rocket science my friends.

Too many distributors spend their time on making changes to their website, changes that will have little effect on sales. Don’t get caught up in this. Stop worrying about making your store ‘pretty’ and trying to get everything perfect because you never will! I don’t care if you have only one product or 200 products… spend your time promoting what you have!

Focus on those things that will make you money like driving traffic to your website, building your list and selling to your list.

At the end of each day always ask yourself “What did I do today to make more money from my store?” Whether small or large always do something daily to make money. That is the reason you have your store, to make money.

If your store is to satisfy your Ego or impress others kill it right now and find a regular job!

Do whatever you can to get visitors to sign up on your list. Give your list members valuable and informative free stuff like written articles and reports, videos about your niche and videos on using your products, surveys… anything that bonds them to you. You give people FREE and valuable helpful information and they will reciprocate by giving your orders.


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